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Proudly Offering:

  • Full Service Oil Changes
  • Air & Cabin Filters
  • PCV Valve
  • Light Bulbs & Wiper Blades
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Fuel & Transmission Filter
  • Battery
  • Hood & Trunk Lift Arms
  • Radiator / Transmission / Power Steering / Manual Transmission Fluid
  • Differential & 4x4 Service Oil
  • Engine Sludge & Fuel Injector Cleaners
  • Windshield Water Repellent
  • Headlight Restoration

Auto Service Canton MI

Whether you are looking for a transmission flush, oil change or quick lube in Canton MI, Fifties Lube & Oil Change is your choice when it comes to excellent customer satisfaction and a high level of auto service. Since 2009, we have been providing oil change service and a variety of maintenance services so folks can head out onto the road in a reliable vehicle. We have a comprehensive list of services we provide so if you find you are typing in oil change near me on your search engine page and you live in the Canton, Michigan, area, bring your car into Fifties Lube & Oil Change. We offer fast, friendly and reliable service.

We employ highly-trained, certified and experienced technicians so you can always expect the best from us. Our auto service capabilities include, but are not limited to,
●    Transmission flush
●    Coolant flush
●    4x4 service – this includes front and back axle as well as transfer case
●    Tire rotation
●    Battery check and replacement

We also offer wiper blade replacement and light bulb checks and replacements including headlight restoration. There are two types of transmission services that we provide. The first one is a drain and fill which involves draining the transmission fluid and refilling it. It is fairly basic and does not involve more than gravity forcing the transmission out followed by pouring in new fluid. A transmission drop and fill is a little more sophisticated. The transmission pan is removed, the filter is changed and all the fluid comes out. A coolant flush or radiator flush involves connecting the radiator to a machine and literally sucking all the fluids out and replacing it with fresh radiator fluid. When you use Fifties Lube & Oil Change to fulfill your quick lube in Canton MI or oil change in Canton MI services, then you should have a well-running car and know that everything is properly maintained and all the vital parts are in good check.

Our 4x4 service takes care of the front and/or back axle and transfer case. Some cars just have rear axles, some have front axles and some have both. With this service, we remove all of the old oil and put in fresh oil. Because differentials work with your transmission to help drive the power to your wheels, proper 4x4 service will help keep everything running smoothly and preserve its life. Other auto service maintenance we can do is make sure engine air filter is cleaned and replace it when it’s time. We have almost all types of air filters in stock so we should be able to take care of it right there.

Other critical, and sometimes overlooked, maintenance services we provide include:
●    Fuel filter replacement – this should be completed every 30,000-50,000 miles.
●    Power Steering Flush – recommended between 30,000 and 50,000 miles
●    Light and Blinker Replacement

Safety is very important to us and we want to make sure that your vehicle performs at its best and you can drive on the road in a safe and reliable car. If you are getting an oil change in Canton MI and you have chosen Fifties Lube & Oil Change for your service, we will provide a 20 point inspection to ensure everything is in working order. If we notice any issues, we will bring them to your attention and offer a course for repair. If we are unable to provide the repair, we can refer you to an auto service garage that can take care of you or let you know you should take it to your trusted mechanic.

Have you wondered if there is a dependable company providing an oil change near me? We want you to know that you can always trust our professional and courteous service. Oil changes and car maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your vehicle and avoiding costly repairs down the line. Regular oil changes allow us to see if the oil is dirty due to extreme driving conditions or not changing the oil by the recommended due date. We can use a system cleaner to ensure all vital parts & ports in the engine are cleaned from metal shavings and/or sludge which can clog oil circulation and severely damaged the engine. 

At Fifties Lube & Oil Change, we stand by all of our products and we stand behind our service members. As a member of the Automotive Oil Change Association, we make it our duty to observe their code of conduct and ethics as well as go through great lengths to ensure all of our technicians are trained and certified. When you are seeking oil change in Canton MI and you want fast, friendly and reliable service, bring your car into Fifties Lube & Oil Change and discover the benefits of receiving our dedicated customer service.

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