Engine Maintenance as Part of General Auto Repair Services

A vital component of any car is the engine. The engine is what powers the car and makes it move from one place to the next. The power supplied by the engine also makes sure that the other equipment in the car run, from power windows to heating and cooling systems to the music system. As such, maintaining the health of the engine is a vital part of car maintenance. When you take your car for a general auto repair and service, they will inspect the various components of the engine and ensure that they are all functioning properly. The fuel injection system is the mechanism that admits fuel in fine atomic particles in to the engine. If the fuel injection system does not work properly it can lead to poor engine performance and can ultimately wreck it. As such it is essential that the fuel injection system is checked periodically and repaired as soon as it is damaged. The ignition comprises the switch the starts the car’s engine as well as the system that ignites the mix of fuel and air in the engine to give the power for the car. If the ignition does not work properly, the car will not start at the first try and the performance of the car can be reduced. The ignition system also includes cables and wires that carry the spark from the ignition coil to the spark plug. This spark is what ultimately lights the fuel. If the cables and wires are frayed or damaged because of wear and tear, the spark started by the ignition coil will not reach the spark plug and this means that the engine will misfire. Sometimes the car will not start and at other times it will start but run poorly. Frayed ignition wires and cables can cause a vibrating engine, misfiring engine, the engine light to be on, or the car to give poor mileage. The spark plugs are the concluding link in delivering the spark from the ignition to the combustion chamber. If the spark plugs are damaged they will not be able to perform this work optimally and this will lead to the car not starting at the first attempt. This can also cause damage to the engine and so should be repaired a soon as possible. When you take your vehicle to a general auto repair service for a schedule maintenance check or because you suspect an engine issue, the trained and certified mechanics will inspect all the components of the engine such as the fuel injection system, the ignition, the cables and wires of the ignition system, and the spark plug and repair or replace any damaged components. By swapping frayed ignition cables or damaged spark plugs, the mechanics at the general auto repair station will prolong the life of the engine and car while improving mileage and comfort. This will also ensure that the car will start as soon as the ignition is turned.

June 25, 2016