Kasey Zachs 
Love this place! I’ve been here quite a few times over the past few years for an oil change, and have always had ONLY good things to say! They always have coupons to use, but their prices are already great to begin with. Today I went to get my AC charged, and couldn’t be happier! I was aware there’s a problem/leak with my AC, because it only lasts a few months every time I have to recharge it. Even though I was aware of this, and chose to go ahead and get the service done anyways, (Because SOME ac is better than NO ac!) they still offered to refund it if it wasn’t up to my expectations. BUT, air is running cold 😃 I have experienced a lot of places that will take advantage of females knowing that they don’t know much about cars, but this place has ALWAYS been the exact opposite. They’re very honest and upfront about everything. They even made me aware of a part that was going bad in my car(that has nothing to do with my AC), and wrote down the name of it on my receipt before I left. I believe their names were Calvin and Moe! If you need anything done that this shop can do, I definitely recommend giving them a visit. They’re super friendly, clean, and have you in & out in no time. Don’t forget to check their website for coupons! 😃 also, I always love going places and seeing consistency, and this place is exactly that. I’ve never had a single bad experience here. With that being said, they will for sure exceed your expectations with every visit!
Jerry Smith 
Excellent Service! I highly recommended this place if you need an oil change.I actually brought my own oil filter and they pointed out it was the wrong size and gave me a great deal on a new one! Even got a free car wash with the oil change! Thanks guys!
Jeremy Brydges 
Came in this Saturday morning for an oil change. They asked me how many miles I had, which I stated 6,000 miles on a new truck. The gentleman then told me that I really didn't need an oil change for at least another 1000 miles or so. It was up to me if I wanted to proceed. I WAS FLOORED. The honesty was great. I can only imagine how many places would have just changed the oil and never gave me the option. Very professional. Big Kudos to them. I did the oil change anyways, because I was there.
Ryder Hachem 
I come here from Dearborn because it is worth my money and the drive. These guys are professional, they know exactly what needs to be done. They get you in and out quickly. I wouldn’t recommend changing your oil anywhere else. Hands down the best place to go to!! They work hard and they’re proud of what they do.
Efthimios Zitros 
I went there for an oil change. Moe was a great employee very nice and great guy to talk to! the whole team is respectful and amazing! I would totally recommend them . they are quick and extremely nice staff :). You will be seeing me again in future :)