Lisa Hodges 
Professional and honest! I was in once in the summer and again earlier this week on 12/ 02 as the dealership called to inform me I was overdue. My mileage was well below the suggested oil change. Now although I shouldn’t have made it clear that I know nothing about auto maintenance i did anyhow and am happy to let anyone know who reads this review that because of their honesty I will only go to this facility for maintenance. As they took my information they informed me since my vehicle used synthetic oil I could wait until I reached 13k which could potentially take me 6 more months. They could have changed it or worse they could have faked the change and charged me but they didn’t and explained why they didn’t. I ended up just getting my tires rotated and now know there is a company that I can feel confident going to without having the knowledge of the service.
Janell Renee 
Two small and one oversize bay for larger trucks. Professional and efficient guys who don't try to oversell you. There's also a camera to can see what they're doing under the vehicle. I'll be coming back in the future.
Jan Friday 
Great service and friendly staff. I have been going here since I moved to Canton in 2009. Today was no different. I went for my first oil change on my Escape. Asked how many miles which was 4908. I was pleasantly informed that my oil was good til 8,000 miles due to being full synthetic. The staff checked and filled the fluids and checked the tire pressure at no charge and sent me on my way. Very honest and helpful. Thank you.
Chandler Bryant 
My Mechanic Calvin was so awesome!! I was in and out within minutes. There was also a misunderstanding with the price I was told and he honored the original price mentioned by giving me a discounted rate. He was so kind and I really appreciated that.
Great place to take your car in for an oil change, brake job and everything in between. It is one of a few oil changes that is clean, friendly, and overall well managed!