Kathleen Connolly 
We had an oil change done and they were so friendly, professional and accommodating. Great price and even used a 10% coupon. We also got a coupon for a free car wash (we did end up paying, because we couldn't get the pay machine to accept it). But, we were given another coupon for next time. We will definitely use them again!
Heather Schellie Trinkle 
Quick service and friendly staff. Oil change included a basic car wash- nice bonus! I'd also like to add that last year my car overheated and I pulled over into their parking lot. One of the guys came out and asked if there was anything they could do to help. They couldn't fix my problem but I appreciated them checking my situation out and offering to help if they could.
Jeantoria Howard 
Great place. Very positive experience. First time I have had my car serviced and they didn't try to sell me everything under the sun. I asked about a couple of things and the guy checked and showed me that I didn't need them yet. I'll be back :)
Tsuki No ie 
These guys know what they are talking about and aren't out to just make a sale. I went in today and explained my car said it was time for an oil change but my sticker they gave me last time didn't. He looked at the sticker and had me pop the hood. He looked at my oil and topped me off on oil and washer fluid and said I was good. He could have easily charged me for the oil he put in or given me a whole oil change but he was honest and wonderful. I love going to this place because they care. Last time I was there they noticed a small bulge on my tire and I was able to go get it fixed before my tire blew. Thanks guys!
Ace Wish 
The service was wonderful and Guy named Moe was well informed and very great people skills, he did not try to up sale me and was very helpful and knew alot about cars,