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  • Full Service Oil Changes
  • Air & Cabin Filters
  • PCV Valve
  • Light Bulbs & Wiper Blades
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Fuel & Transmission Filter
  • Battery
  • Hood & Trunk Lift Arms
  • Radiator / Transmission / Power Steering / Manual Transmission Fluid
  • Differential & 4x4 Service Oil
  • Engine Sludge & Fuel Injector Cleaners
  • Windshield Water Repellent
  • Headlight Restoration

Oil Change Canton MI

Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle so it is important to keep up on your oil changes. Are you searching oil change near me and coming up with too many options and not sure who to choose? Bring your car into Fifties Lube & Oil Change. Our certified and highly-trained crew can provide you with almost any maintenance service your car could need. Transmission flush, coolant flush and an oil change in Canton MI is just the beginning of services we offer.

Fifties Lube & Oil Change is different than other auto service companies in the area. As opposed to offering a single company’s product, we offer a variety of different oils from various companies ensuring that you have affordable options.

These options include:
●    Conventional oil
●    Synthetic blend oil
●    High mileage oil
●    Full synthetic oil
●    Diesel oil

At Fifties Lube & Oil Change of Canton MI, we are not tied to any one company which means we can offer the same oil as many other auto service businesses but at a lower cost. We are not obligated to buy directly from a company but rather we can go to the marketplace to find our premium oil. The savings are passed onto our guest who come to us for affordable and reliable oil change in Canton MI.

Some of the brands we carry include:
●    Penzoil
●    Valvoline
●    Mobil 1
●    Amsoil
●    Motorcraft
●    Kendal
●    Castrol
●    Dexos approved oils (specifications approved for GM vehicles)
●    And more!

On top of our wide selection of premium oils, our guest can even bring in their own oil if they prefer a brand we do not carry or if they want to get their oil on their own. We simply charge a labor fee and we can change out your oil and filter. 

There are many different kinds of oil to choose from. The basic oil we offer is a premium conventional oil which is the least expensive. When you put an oil at this price point in your vehicle, you generally will need an oil change more frequently than higher levels. We also offer a synthetic blend oil which allows your car to go approximately 5,000 miles under normal driving conditions before it would need its next oil change. The blend is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil providing a middle cost option between the two oils and features some more high performance benefits and protection. The next type of oil we offer is a synthetic oil which allows your car to go over 7,000 miles between oil changes. It is high performance and provides the highest level of lubrication and protection for your engine. Because there are more synthetic smaller molecules, when you start your car in the morning, you do not need to wait a little bit for the oil to lubricate the parts; it is always working. Finally, our high mileage oil is designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on it. There are more sealers in this oil and you should have your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles if your car has a lot of miles on it. We also have diesel oil on hand if you need this type of oil change service and we are fully capable of working with high performance vehicles and foreign cars.

When it comes to having an oil change in Canton MI, bringing your car into Fifties Lube & Oil Change means you get the full service. An oil change includes:
●    5 quarts of premium oil
●    A new filter
●    Complete chassis lubrication
●    Resetting your oil light – this can actually be complicated in some cars.

Your car also gets the 20 point inspection which includes everything from checking your PCV valve and air filters to leveling off differential fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, radiator coolant and more. Our technicians will inspect for leaks and engine sludge, and ensure your belts, tire pressure, battery and more are in good order. If we notice in the maintenance records that it is time for a coolant flush or transmission flush, we will make you aware. You can count us for all of your auto service and quick lube in Canton MI needs.

Having your oil changed is one of the most important maintenance items you can have done to your car. The engine has so many moving parts and it is crucial to have them all moving sufficiently. Having oil consistently flowing through the engine ensures proper lubrication and allows the heat to be absorbed. Oil can run low or becomes more dirty and gritty which can reduce its effectiveness. Without good and fresh oil lubricating the engine parts, you may very well be seriously diminishing the life of your car and it can lead to engine problems or major damage. Getting an oil change is arguably the best thing you can do for your car because it literally keeps it running.

At Fifties Lube & Oil Change, our quick lube in Canton MI and comprehensive auto service means you have a reliable shop to bring your car to for almost all of your maintenance needs. Have you been online searching oil change near me? Then come visit our Canton MI location; we are a business that proudly belongs to the Automotive Oil Change Association and our certified technicians are eager to serve you.

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